I won’t be mentioning my teacher’s name in this. Mainly because I have three weeks left of class, and I don’t want to be failed. Once class is over, I will be reporting this the way I need to go about it.

I’m still in absolute shock over this. Last night, I attended my college Biology class. Our topic for the night was evolution and the different kingdoms of living things. An hour into the five hour class, I had to leave because I was completely disgusted with what my teacher was saying.

He started off his discussion by saying that there are two ideas (not theories, but ideas) of how life became how it is on Earth. He closed the classroom’s door. Once the door was closed, he glossed over the scientific explanation very quickly (less than 20 seconds), then explained Creationism for about five minutes (5000 year old Earth, no evolution, etc). He then said that accepted scientific thought is the first, and that’s what the school wants him to teach, “…but we all know which one is right.” WHOA! Back the fuck up! After he finished his Creationism lecture, he opened the classroom door again.

It got worse. When he got to descriptions of virii, he proceeded to lecture the class on abstinence. He said that the AIDS virus (he never called it the HIV virus, which I think is a more accepted term but I may be wrong) is so small, that it will pass right through a condom. “So if you get AIDS from premarital sex, I’m not going to feel sorry for you.” Not only is this wrong, this had no place in the current discussion, let alone in the class as a whole. As soon as he said that, I gathered my things and left.

Biology is a science. As such, I’m in this class to learn science, not the teacher’s religious views. If that’s what is going to be taught, why the fuck is it a prerequisite for me to get into the higher level biology classes I need to take for my degree? If I wanted to get Christianity’s take on Biology, I would have attended a seminary school. I’m attending a state college.

What the hell is wrong with some people?