Well, my grades are now finalized. For the first time ever, I earned straight A’s. Goes to show how much I can achieve with a few small accommodations that I never got as a kid.

So what happened with my creationist teacher? Well, here are the details on everything that went down.

As promised earlier, now that the semester is over, I will share the teacher’s name. My college Biology professor, Dr. Mike Talkington, thought it was a good idea to preach Creationism and abstinence-before-marriage in a science class. I went into the detail on that in a previous post, so I’ll just discuss the aftermath of everything now.

It took a lot to get my autistic brain to stop going into overdrive because of this issue. About a week after it happened, I finally broke down and spoke to someone I trust at the school (I refuse to name them). They told me that Talkington was completely in the wrong, and to speak to his boss about it: the dean of Science, Dr. Sonya Williams. I sat down with Sonya and told her everything I laid out here. She acted like I was being unreasonable. She said two things that really sit poorly with me. She told me that he is completely entitled to share his opinions in class. Then, she said eluded to the fact that I’m being intolerant of his beliefs and need to show more respect for him.

What I took away from this meeting with Dr. Williams was that my school didn’t care about science content in its science classes. I also gather that science teachers in the state of Oklahoma view Creationism on equal footing with Evolution. It’s fucking tragic that this is the case, and it’s no wonder why people in this state have no basic understanding of what science is or why it works.

I only have two semesters left at this school before I transfer to one that views science with a bit more importance. I can hardly wait!